The Company


Manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Johnny Yiu's top luxury outerwear label is a committment to craft, structure, and feminine shapes.

Each garment is carefully hand-stitched by specially-trained technicians, outfitted with custom JY hardware, and sealed with an embroidered silk label individually signed by the designer.


Fabrique a Toronto en Ontario au Canada, la collection haute gamme Jonny Yiu a acquerie sa renomme par la qualite de sa fabrication, ses structures et la coupe feminine de ses manteaux.

Signe en soie individuellement par notre designer, tout nos manteaux sont fabriques minutieusement a la main a l'aide d'outillage specifique a Johnny Yiu par nos techniciens specialement entraines.

Limited Lifetime Guarantee

We are proud to provide our valued customers with an exclusive Limited Lifetime Guarantee on the workmanship of each handcrafted product, including zippers, clasps, buckles, and stitching. All repairs are done at the origin of your garment in our Ontario, Canada headquarters.

This is the Canadian service we are committed to.



Nous sommes fiers d'offrir notre garantie a vie limitee exclusive sur la fabrication de chaque manteaux fabrique a la main, incluant les fermetures eclairs, les boutons pression, les coutures, les boucles de ceintures. Toutes les reparations sont faites a notre bureau chef situe en Ontario au Canada.

Un service auquel nous engageons.